Welcome to the webpage for the Pasco County GMRS system. We are currently operating two repeaters in Pasco county. We have expanded to Volusia County with a simplex node on 462.550 pl 141.3 The repeaters are located in Ridge Manor and a second repeater is in Zephyrhills.

We have a simplex node in Deltona ( Volusia County ) on 462.550 PL 141.3

NEW We will be setting up a new Simplex node in Port Richey ( West Pasco ) shortly. the Frequency and tone will be announced when it is on the air.

The Zephyrhills repeater operates under the callsign of WQEZ401. The Ridge Manor system is WRBM944. It is an open system and available to any licensed GMRS operator.

The Pasco 550 is on 462.550 Mhz. Pasco 625 is on 462.625. A tone of 141.3 and Plus 5 MHZ split is needed.

This page is not going to be a copy of other radio pages. There is a lot of GREAT information out there already. The page will be here to be a point of contact and a place to help others that are looking to get into GMRS radio.