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The Pasco 550 is up and running!! It has been relocated to Ridge Manor on a 50 foot tower. The foot print is small compared to where we were setup at. It has a better duplexer on it , not the Chinese flat pack.

Other good news is that we are running the GMRSLive software as the controller on the repeater. No more remote radio linking to it. The repeater is connected directly to the internet allowing for crystal clear connections in and out of the system.



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01-03-2021 update

01-02-2012 update

We are running the link node from a location about 4 miles from the actual repeater. John WPZE485 have upgraded the antenna and has it pointing directly to the repeater. So that means we will have a good solid signal into and out of the repeater.

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11-18-2020 update

The remote node as been installed at a location just 2 miles from the repeater. The link is active and connected to the GMRSLive network. You will see us in the main room from time to time. Next step is to disable the ID-O-Matic repeater ID’er that is on the controller. This way the ID does not come back into the network. The Allstar software will be handling the ID-ing so that only the stations in radio range will hear it.

10-25-2020 UPDATE

We will be linking the Pasco550 repeater to the group that operates the GMRSLive system. The node is built and is in the testing phase. It should be connected to the repeater before the end of the year. If you are on this network you can connect to us at node #1051. We look forward to working with this group of node/repeater operators.

Details of the build:

  • Raspberry Pi3 b+
  • URI interface and cable
  • Kenwood UHF transceiver
  • 20 amp 12V power supply
  • Tram 1486 UHF vertical antenna

This node will be a remote feeding the repeater since we do not have internet access at the site.